Goals are important; whether your goal is to lose weight, gain muscle or to just be active and maintain a healthy lifestyle, everyone needs to set goals that are achievable. Short-term goals are just as important as long-term goals. Short-term goals are stepping stones in helping you achieve your long-term goals. Make your goals relevant to your long-term goals; if you are training for a strength competition, it is important to train for stamina as well as strength! Also you should set time frames for your goals! Your short-term strength training will benefit your overall endurance, muscle definition and will increase your metabolism!

Nutrition plans are just as equally important as your goals. An effective nutrition plan will help you reach your fitness goals faster and with better results. A diet high in fruits, vegetables and complex carbs in balance with sufficient protein intake will help you repair and grow muscles tissues, increase your strength and build your endurance.

RAUW Burner HD, taken in conjunction with a proper diet and exercise plan, will help you reach any goal you have! This new formula has proven ingredients to help you shed the unwanted weight.

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RAUW Nutrition Plan for Fat Loss

The key to fat loss is keeping your metabolism steady and in action. This requires frequent meals throughout the day. Below is an example 1 day geared towards fat loss.

Morning meal:

1 serving RAUW Burner HD upon waking up
1 whole egg – Cal:78, Fat:5, Carb: .5, Prot:6
3 egg whites – Cal:51, Fat:0, Carb: .5, Prot:10
1 fruit (banana, ½ large orange) – Cal:105, Fat:0, Carb:27, Prot:1.5
½ cup oats – Cal: 300, Fat:5, Carb:51, Prot:13

Meal 2:

1 cup yogurt – Cal:100, Fat: .5, Carb:6, Prot:17
½ cup fruit ( strawberries, grapes) – Cal:100, Fat: 0, Carb:25, Prot: .5
½ cup flaxseed – Cal:380, Fat:30, Carb:20, Prot:13

Meal 3:

6oz meat protein substitute fish, chicken, turkey – Cal:420, Fat:6, Carb:0, Prot: 44
½ cup carrots – Cal:25, Fat:0, Carb:6, Prot: .5
2 slices gluten free bread – Cal:180, Fat: 5, Carb:36, Prot:4
½ cup broccoli – Cal:27, Fat:0, Carb:6, Prot:2

Meal 4:

1 serving RAUW Burner HD
1 fruit (banana, orange, banana) – Cal:105, Fat:0, Carb:27, Prot:1.5
1 protein shake

Meal 5:

6 oz meat protein-substitute fish, chicken, turkey – Cal:420, Fat:6, Carb:0, Prot: 44
½ cup vegetable (broccoli, green beans, spinach) – Cal:27, Fat:0, Carb:6, Prot:2

Total calories: 2,318
Total Fat: 46
Total Carbs: 211
Total Protein: 159